Practice Areas

Dispute Resolution

Our firm is sufficiently experienced in the various dispute resolution mechanisms such as litigation, arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution avenues. We engage in litigation both civil and criminal in public, private and commercial law and appear before all the courts of record i.e. High Courts, Courts of Appeal and the Supreme Court, administrative tribunals, capital market tribunals e.g. SEC tribunal, Election Petition Tribunals as well as the Industrial Arbitration Court. We are also experienced in arbitration both nationally and internationally.

Oil and Gas

We provide legal services in oil and gas both in the upstream, midstream and downstream sectors. Apart from providing legal advice on transactions and laws regulating the industry, we:


  • Conduct due diligence/ investigations.        
  • Draft /vet legal instruments such as Joint Venture Agreements, Joint Operating Agreements, Drilling and Development Contracts, Memorandum of Understanding etc.         
  • Legal opinion/advice on sundry transactions.      
  • Draft and vet legal instruments such as dealership agreement, transporter agreements, import supply agreements, bulk purchase agreements, Throughout agreements and Charter Parties among others as well as
  • Vetting and advising on Letters of Credit, Bank Guarantees, Advance Payment / Performance Bonds. etc


The firm does extensive practice in Taxation including litigation. This includes providing legal tax advisory to individuals and governments, tax regulatory services for individuals and governments, representation at the tax tribunals, review of tax rulings, audit report, business tax planning, oil and gas tax policies and structure among others. We are able to provide tax advisory and consultancy to local, state and federal government on tax matters including recoveries from defaulters. We review tax laws and regulations towards enhancing internally generated revenue.

Admiralty & Maritime

Our experience is vast in legal services to the maritime industry which includes;

  • Preparation/vetting/advice of legal instruments e.g. charter parties, Bill of lading, Vessel supply and acquisition contracts etc. 
  • Legal representation in disputes relating to the industry e.g. demurrage claims, charter hire fees, duties etc
  • Maritime regulatory issues.
  • Salvage matters

Company Secretarial

An integral part of our practice, our firm provides legal and company secretarial services to companies and other legal entities such as incorporated trustees. Services in this sector include secretarial functions to boards of such legal entities and their committees, legal advice particularly on statutory requirements, codes of best practice, liaison with regulatory authorities e.g. CAC, SEC NSE and other authorities regulating the industry where the company operates and representing company on committees of industry stakeholders

Banking & Finance

The firm offers services in the area of banking and finance not only to financial institutions such as banks and finance houses, but also individuals who transact business with such financial institutions in Nigeria and overseas. Our services to financial institutions include: Legal advice on laws regulating the industry including Banks and Other Financial Institutions Act (BOFIA) and even the Central Bank of Nigeria Regulations as well as


  • International laws and treaties relating to international banking e.g the International Standby Practices (ISP 98, 99) and by extension other practices e.g. Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), Uniform Customs Practices and others stipulated by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and other institutions.       
  • Conducting due diligence ·        
  • Representations in dispute resolutions in
  • courts, arbitrations and other dispute resolution mechanisms. ·        
  • Debt recovery/Insolvency that includes but not limited to serving as receivers ·        
  • Preparation and vetting of legal instruments e.g. consortium and individual loan agreements, Bills of Sale, Guarantees, Debenture Trust Deed, Chattel Mortgages, Equipment Leasing Agreements, Debt Restructuring Documentation and other international instruments e.g. the traditional Letters of Credit, Documentary and Standby Letters of Credit etc. ·        
  • Project financing
  • Lease structure and arrangements ·        
  • Tax including representation before tax authorities.
  • Property and Conveyance including due diligence for mortgages or property acquisition and perfection of titles after acquisition.

Mergers and Acquisition

Our services are also available to clients who wish or are engaging in mergers and acquisition. We would be prepared to advise and act for clients on ·   


  • Laws applicable to mergers and acquisitions with focus on laws applicable to specific industry ·        
  • Conduct of due diligence ·        
  • Advise and representation during Restructuring, Joint Ventures, Management Buy –Ins and Buy-Outs, Exit strategy structuring ·        
  • Assist in liaison with regulatory authorities and obtaining approvals ·        
  • Drafting/vetting of legal instruments e.g. sale and purchase contracts, shareholder agreements/Memoranda of Understanding ·        
  • Advise on labour issues that may arise        
  • Advise on tax issues

Property and Conveyancing

We provide legal services not only by advising on laws relating to property transactions, we also conduct due diligence prior to acquisition of properties including searches and investigations, representation at negotiations, preparation of agreements, perfection of title documents including governmental consents etc., negotiations, advice and documentation of real estate financing, structuring and documentation of mortgages, facilitation of governmental and regulatory approvals for property developments.                      


The bread & butter of our platform are the pre-built design sections, called items. These can be added to your landing page in We service the insurance industry by providing advice/opinion on diverse issues e.g. policies and claims, [ndemnity, underwriting contracts etc., preparation/vetting of legal instruments e.g. policy contracts/terms, indemnity contract, underwriting contracts, performance bonds, advance payment bonds etc., pursue claims from insurance companies and calls on guarantees and bonds as well as conduct of dispute resolution issues e.g. litigation, arbitration arising from insurance transactions.


The firm operates in the telecommunications sector by offering legal services to clients who play in the sector. We protect our clients’ interests by providing among others legal advice/opinion on laws and regulations governing the industry, liaison with regulatory authorities for permits and approvals etc. and representing clients during negotiations and preparation of legal documentations on issues such as international joint ventures, connectivity issues, equipment and infrastructure development issues. We also represent clients in dispute resolution.